1200 seat auditorium inauguration in Delhi, India

For any consultant, being part of a project with long gestation period is extremely challenging. Once finished, you can reflect up on all that could have been different — possibilities of current technologies and how they could have been made part of such install.

One such project of 3CDN in Delhi got inaugurated yesterday — this one clocked a total period of involvement of 7 years and 8 months. An awfully long time to stay motivated and focussed towards delivering a successful install.

All being said, this is one of the largest convention centres in India. Facility has (03) floors with multiple conferencing, event and multimedia spaces, all connected through a an optical fiber backbone. Image put up on this post is that of the biggest room that this building has, a 1200 seat auditorium (which can be broken into (03) 400 seat auditoriums).