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The planning of an audiovisual project requires more than budget planning for hardware. In order to gain a complete satisfaction, it requires the knowledge of the technology and the company you are hiring for execution. Expert advise can help you mitigate most of the challenges that you may face during planning, production and post-production stages of project.

When you seek for service for your project, the main thing considered is the price. However, the AV design consultant has more to offer — to the point they take control of the four basic parameters of project, such as Scope, Quality, Time and Cost, a capability rightly found at

Environment, especially acoustics is another important element. If you want to get the best out of your hardware, give it the best environment where it gets installed. is the master at delivering acoustic solution through prediction, site coordination and measurement using SMAART-Live/ /REW/ TrueRTA as well as TESS 1350A and Behringer EMC8000 measurement microphone technology. Thus, you get the best results of audiovisual technology.

As audio visual consultants, 3c Design Networks provides you with services that make project a success., which is among the best audio and video consultants, is available in India, SAARC and UAE . We are here to help with audio visual services.

Note: Image is from 3CDN’s project in Mumbai where a cafeteria can double up as a space for town-hall / all-hands discussion.